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ROSMOULD Exhibitors

The catalog provides information on the companies participating in the exhibition ROSMOULD 2017

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3D-equipment and technologies for 3D-print materials
Automatization and quality control systems
CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software
Control systems equipment for various purposes and the complexity of the software.
Cutting and measurement equipment
Design and engineering
Die moulds and stamps
Equipment and technologies for waste disposal and recycling of plastics recycled into products
Equipment and technology: machinery, plant, line, pilot, manufacturing innovative machines for the manufacture of semi-relevant technologies and products.
Hot runner systems, heaters, sensors etc.
Innovation researches and projects
Intellectual innovation and service, industry-specific media and Internet portals
Means of production infrastructure: robots, chillers, etc. termofkafy, means logistics infrastructure.
Metal-processing and metal-working equipment
Metals, alloys, composites
Mould making and tooling
Normalized components, units, parts
Peripheral equipment, robot devices etc.
Plastics, composite materials, composite metal-polymer systems.
Raw materials: resins, ingredients, plastics, foams, composites, rubber, rubber and elastoplast
Shape-generating equipment
Simulation, prototyping
Company name Country Pavilion Hall Stand
"R&D plastic mould Co.", Ltd. China 26C02
"3D PRINTERS", LTD Poland 26C11
"Abrasive materials" Russia 26B32
"Additive technologies", Magazine Russia 26E34
"AITERA" Russia 26E36
"ALPHA LASER", GmbH Germany 26B25
"ART-UP studio", LLC Russia 26B11
"Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine" Taiwan 26
"ASIAMOLD / Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co.", Ltd. China 26
"Association of plastiс processors " Russia 26D45
"ATLANT Inc." Belarus 26D16
"BALITEH" Russia 26B04
"Beijing Neogreen international exhibition co", LTD China 26D29
"BERG Ltd." Russia 26D34
"Biznes-Karta", Inc. Russia 26E44
"BOLEXP Normalizados", s.l.u. Spain 26C23
"BusinessPlast", Ltd. Russia 26B15
"CAD/CAM/CAE Observer". The magazine Latvia 26
"Chem-Courier" Russia 26E21
"", Ltd. Russia 26C16
"Ching Hwa Advertisement Co., Ltd." / PIONEER Magazine Taiwan 26B29
"Company RENOL" Russia 26B29
"Corporation of Development of Zelinograd" Russia 26
"Cosmos Mould" China 26E08
"Creative Machinery & Tooling Co", Ltd. Russia 26C08
"Daniel and Sons Pvt. Ltd." India 26D12
"Diflex",LLC Russia 26
"Dongguan AEPRO Industrial Co.",Ltd China 26D03
"Dongguan Jingchun Mould Plastic Co., Ltd" China 26D01
"Education Program Center "Professiya" Russia 26E23
"EnergoResurs", Ltd. Russia 26C18
"Eurasian chemical market" Russia 26
"Eurochiller Rus" LLC Russia 26С13
"Fodesco" Russia 26B08
"Foreign Exhibition & Trade" Co., Ltd. China 26
"Gomel plant special instrument and technological equipment" JSC Belarus 26E17
"Gradient M" Russia 26
"GuangDong Well Technology CO", LTD. China 26E27
"HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co. KG" Germany 26B14
"Hogate hot runner technology CO., LTD" China 26E14
"IMID Co.", Ltd Russia 26D17
"Imprinta", LLC Russia 26D40
"IMTEC - Industria de moldes tecnicos, Lda" Portugal 26D08
"Industrial Bulletin" Russia 26
"Industrial group MIDA" Russia 26B33
"Industry", magazine Russia 26
"Information Publishing House "CentrInform", Ltd. Ukraine 26E40
"Inmold Plast d.o.o." 26E03
"Intermold Development Association" Japan 2
"IOLLA", ltd. Co. Russia 26D04
"Kauchuk i Rezina", Edition, JSC Russia 26E38
"KIMPLAS Piping Systems", ltd India 26E43
"Koval" Ltd Russia 26E42
"Kvalitet" Russia 26E25
"Liteinoye Proizvodstvo", Publishing House Russia 26
"Lochin Mould", Ltd Uzbekistan
"LOG PLAST" Ltd. Russia 26D31
"M/s Vasantha Tool Crafts Pvt Ltd" India 26D19
"Manuel Carlos Paiva Ferreira Soc. Unip." Lda Portugal 26C04
"MASTER MOLD CO.", LTD China 26B28
"MasterMould" Russia 26B29
"MCB MOULD CO.", LTD China 26E12
"Mega Plast" Ltd Russia 26E35
"Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH" Germany 26B18
"Metal Expo", the magazine Russia 26
"MITRA", LTD. Belarus 26D23
"MNPC Interbranch Research and Production Centre" Russia 26D45
"MORETTO S.p.A." Italy 26B12
" - portal" Belarus 26
"NEOTRONICS International Enterprise", Ltd. Taiwan 26C05
"Novaya Orbita" Russia 26D25
"O.M.G." srl Italy 26C03
"Obninsk Center for Powder Spraying" Russia 26E01
"Oerlikon balzers" Russia 26D07
"OLDENG" Joint Enterprise Engineering Company", LTD Russia 26
"ON Limited" France 26B27
"Optima logistics", LLC Russia 26
"PLAST EURASIA 2017" Turkey 29
"Plastic", Ltd Russia 26D09
"Plastic", OJSC Russia 26
"PLASTIKS", magazine Russia 26E30
"Plastindia Foundation" India 26E13
"PLASTINFO.RU" Russia 26E32
"PlastProduct", SLL Russia 26
"PlastProduct", SLL Russia
"POLEMA" JSC Russia 26D13
"Polygon Plast", LLC Russia 26C10
"Polymer Materials. Products, Equipment, Tehnologies" Russia 26E29
"PRM-Taiwan" Taiwan 26
"Promishlenny Vestnik" Russia 26
"Prommarcket", LTD Russia 26B16
"PromStamp" Belarus 26D41

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