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ON LINE Rosmould exhibitor catalogue

The catalog provides information on the companies participating in the exhibition ROSMOULD 2006-2015

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Design and engineering (237)
Simulation, prototyping (145)
Mould making and tooling (463)
Die moulds and stamps (258)
Metal-processing and metal-working equipment (128)
Cutting and measurement equipment (94)
Shape-generating equipment (123)
CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software (80)
Automatization and quality control systems (35)
Normalized components, units, parts (66)
Metals, alloys, composites (40)
Innovation researches and projects (71)
Peripheral equipment, robot devices etc. (53)
Raw materials: resins, ingredients, plastics, foams, composites, rubber, rubber and elastoplast (20)
Semi-finished products: films, sheets, profiles, tubes and fibers. (10)
Plastics, composite materials, composite metal-polymer systems. (30)
Equipment and technology: machinery, plant, line, pilot, manufacturing innovative machines for the manufacture of semi-relevant technologies and products. (60)
Means of production infrastructure: robots, chillers, etc. termofkafy, means logistics infrastructure. (19)
Diagnostic systems equipment, controls and monitoring (6)
Control systems equipment for various purposes and the complexity of the software. (4)
Equipment and technologies for waste disposal and recycling of plastics recycled into products (28)
Intellectual innovation and service, industry-specific media and Internet portals (17)
In Search results 846 companies

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Germany, Daimlerstrasse 9-13, Lenningen, D-73252

"Husky Injection Molding Systems S.A"
Russia, Kuskovskaya str., 20 A, office 511, Moscow

Taiwan, No. 24, Lane 772, Heping Rd., Bade City, Taoyuan Country, 33463

"I Machine Technology", LLC
Russia, Chernitsinsky pr. 3, Moscow, 107241, Russia

Russia, Ryazanskiy Prospekt, 30/15, Moscow

"IBC Plastic Systems Limited"
Russia, Kuskovskaya str., 20 A, office 611A, Moscow

"Ideal Molde - Industria de Moldes e Plasticos", Lda

Portugal, Rua Das Achadas, A-do-Barbas, Maceira LRA, 2406-909

China, 521,4#,Longdezijin,186#,Litang Road, Chanping District, Beijing, 102218

Russia, Riazanskiy pr-t 8a\1, of. 637

"Ileko" Ltd
Russia, Omskaya str., 2a, Chelyabinsk region, Asha

"Illies & Co."

Russia, Frunze str., 14b, office 326, Togliatti

"IMID Co.", Ltd

Russia, Vadkovskiy pereulok, 18/1A, Moscow, 127055

"Impulse company"
Russia, Sudakova street 10, Moscow, 109382

"Indastrial Monitor Portal"
Russia, office 6/10, bld. 10-2, Ryazansky prospect, Moscow, 109428

"Indsatsen" ApS
Denmark, Djeldvej 62, Vinderup, 7830


France, Rue Clemenceau, Le Creusot Cedex, 71201 56, France

"Industrial Bulletin"
Russia, Ligovsky prospect, 56, liter E, St. Petersburg, 191040

Russia, Afanas'eva str., 8, Chuvash republic, Cheboksary

"Industrial Leasing Company, JSC"
Russia, Bolschaya Cherkizovskaya str., 24A, 1, Moscow

"Industrial PDD GmbH & Co. KG"
Germany, Calwer str. 11,Stuttgart, Germany

"Industrial Service", Ltd
Russia, pr.Lenina., 95, Nizhniy Novgorod

"INDUSTRY", the information-analytical magazine
Russia, Nab.Obvodnogo kanala, d.64, str.2, pom.55, St. Petersburg, 192007

"Inform Union Groups", Publishing house
Russia, office 10a, 29, building 154, Vereiskaya str., Moscow, 121357

"Information Publishing House "TsentrInform", Ltd.
Ukraine, 4/7. of. 39, Malo-Panasovskaya st., Kharkov, 610052

Finland, Tarmontie 2, 15860 Hollola, Finland

"Inprodmash", LTD
Russia, Skakovaya str. 17/2, office 2308, Moscow

Russia, Moskovskiy prospekt, 40, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic

"Institute of the Industrial Information" LLC
Russia, P.O. Box 194., St. Petersburg

"Instrument", Ltd.
Russia, Bolshaya serpuhovskaya str., 43, Podolsk

Russia, Topolinaya str., 9a, p.o.b. 4531, Togliatti, Samara region

"InTech", Ltd
Russia, Smolyachkova str., 4/2, St. Petersburg

"Intechnika" Ltd
Russia, Godovikova str., 9/31, Moscow

"Intechno" LLC
Russia, Odesskaya str. 20, office 114

"IntechPlast", Ltd.
Russia, Babuskina st., 1, Smolensk, Russia, 214031

Russia, P.O.B. 516, Fryazino, Moscow region

"Inter-plas" Inc.
South Korea, 1722-8, Songjeong-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, 618-270

South Korea, Rm 406, Han Young building, 77-8, Mun Rae Dong 3 Ga, Young Deoung Po-Ku, Seoul, KOREA

"INTERMOLD Development Association"

Japan, 1-2-15, Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0008 Japan

"International Special Tooling and Machining Association" (ISTMA)
Portugal, Av D Dinis, 17, 2430, Marinha Grande, Portugal

Russia, of. 700А, Kuskovskaya 20A, Moscow

Russia, Vostochnaya str., 56, Ekaterinburg

"INTOS-service", LLC

Russia, naberezhnaya Chernoy rechki, 41, Saint-Petersburg


Russia, Krasnokazarmennaya str., bld. 9/1, Moscow, Russia, 111250

"Inzhener-Servis" Ltd
Russia, Profilnaya st., 6, Samara

"IPEC High Precision" Inc.
South Korea, 61 Beomanro 9-gil Doksan-dong Keumcheon-gu, Seoul, 153010

Russia, Promyshlennaya str. 11-3, Moscow


Russia, Starozhilovskaya str., 9, St. Petersburg, 194362

Russia, Bazisnaya str., 19, Izhewsk

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